Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Neck is Killing Me !

Do you wake up every morning with neck pain? Or do you feel great until you've bent over a keyboard or squinted into a monitor for eight hours and your neck feels like it is as tight as the stretched rubber band you took off your daily newspaper 9 hours ago?

Ouch! Constant neck pain IS a pain. I should know, I had it for years and the knots in and between my shoulders seemed to get bumpier too as a result. Sometimes I would think that if someone would be so kind as to stand on the knots and grind their heels into them that maybe they would get pulverized and smush into submission, leaving my shoulders pliant and my neck free of aggravation. Now don't even consider that approach to relief ! I am just using exaggeration to make a point.

What did I do? First I wanted to see if it was a structural problem and went to a chiropractor for years and got some relief. Then I began adding massage and you know the rest if you have read some prior blog entrees. But if not, then the result was that I realized, as I began a regular massage schedule, that the chiropractic visits began to decrease to the point where I felt I did not need to go anymore. My structural issues had been resolved and were kept at bay through regular massage. It was amazing to wake up in the morning and go through a day without any pain. Then it went to weeks on end and now I am happy to admit that I am virtually pain free. Am I suggesting to decrease your chiropractic visits? No. If you need them then please go as often as you can. But I am suggesting adding massage and seeing what happens to you.

To get the results I want to maintain I make it a priority to get a massage once a week if it can be fit into my busy schedule. And that's exactly what we all do, don't we? We make room in our busy schedules for the things that matter most. Does a pain free neck and shoulder seem to be something you would like to consider as a priority? If you can't believe that you would be able to achieve a pain free neck and shoulder area, then would a decrease in your pain still sound like a good idea?

If so, please let yourself consider YOU for 2012 and let's get you motivated towards a life that could be improved through massage. Let's work together to soothe the aches and pains and stress of your time on this beautiful blue planet!

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Massage Among The Guardians
Nancy Pezdek, Holistic Massage Therapist, LMBT# 11024

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