Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lymphatic Massage

For those of you who have never experienced a Lymphatic Massage let me tell you what you are missing!

First of all, it is very soothing and rythmic. You will leave, after an hour, feeling light as air. You may even fall asleep during your massage. I encourage you to try it.

A Lymphatic Massage obviously targets the lymph in your body. It's interesting to note that your Lymphatic System is part of your Circulatory System (this includes your veins and arteries). But unlike your Circulatory System which has a pump (your heart), your Lymphatic System does not have one! Does that sound sluggish?

So, how does your lymph move in your body if it doesn't have a pump? One way is through exercise which makes your muscles contract which help your lymph move to where it needs to go in order for your body to then release it (and its' toxins). Another way is via a massage therapist who is trained in the technique of giving a Lymphatic Massage.

The reason a Lymphatic Massage is rhythmic is because it is very deliberate and slow. The therapist uses a softer, pumping stroke following a certain upward pattern from your toes to your shoulders bringing the lymph to targeted areas in your body along the way where it is then able to be released.

I'm getting relaxed just thinking about it!

It is one of my favorite massages to give clients. I have witnessed first hand, after an hour's massage, the swelling in a client's ankles remarkably reduced. The client had experienced swelling for over three weeks before coming to me.  I encouraged my client to put their feet up for another hour once they got home in order to increase the results. They were very relieved. They also saw improvement in their sinuses over the next few days.

So, if you have never experienced a Lymphatic Massage, it's about time you tried it! It's soothing, relaxing and you'll be on your way to better health in 2012. Let's work together to get rid of the toxins in your body that are weighing you down and keeping you from being tip top. Give me a call at 919.413.5245. Remember, if you take care of yourself, you can take care of the ones you love.


Massage Among The Guardians
Nancy Pezdek, Holistic Massage Therapist, LMBT# 11024

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